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The Daily Dose Approach

This business came to me, The Daily Dose Wellness, when pondering how to get my depressed, lethargic body up off the couch and survive. My nervous system was not able to process the idea of doing what I knew to be “normal” like go for a run, or workout, do 90 minutes of yoga and meditate for a 1/2 hour. No, I couldn’t move. I had to convince my mind that an embarrassingly small amount of anything was OK for me right now as I was in the midst of suffering greatly. I was in a dark place.

I then suggested, “stand up Mark, and hold a chair pose for 30 second”. And I did, and it was terribly hard but my mind and body said quietly “that felt good”, sigh. “Can you now do 2 minutes of QiGong at a very slow pace?” And I did it, and Shift Happened. I started to feel that darkness move just a little and my energy lift a tiny bit. Thankfully my brain was creating a good habit and it felt successful, even though to most it was such a tiny dose. It was all I could do. And it worked. Even the Japanese have a word for it: Kaizen or a “small good change”.

I began to apply the Daily Dose principles to my daily feelings and circumstances. I began going in the woods just to sit not hike but meander then sit again, reflect and allow Nature to find me. It did, and it gave me its gifts of healing. Another day I visited a river and sank into it, or took my paddleboard out for some Savasana (relaxation lying down). These small small steps gave me incremental doses towards feeling better and freedom of body, mind and eventually a reconnection to spirit in my church of Nature. And I would love to share my Daily Dose steps with you.

It's in this very moment that life is unfolding, despite what you are going through, it is still happening. Even in the midst of discomfort, attempt to take a breath, and land in the baseline of Nature.
The simplicity of this moment. Noticing...

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