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Feelings vs Memories

Due to trauma, I don’t have accurate memories I can recall but I’ve noticed I do have very powerful emotions and feelings that arise. I give myself permission to feel rather than recall an event cognitively. The feelings of life can be much more accurate for me and also powerful tools to navigate and remember.

I'm learning to sit for short periods of time (daily dose) with the kaizen approach (a small good change) in order to track my feelings, and navigate what memories, thoughts, triggers arise. I also, many many times during my practices, give myself permission to "self regulate" by opening my eyes and looking out at nature, move around, stretch, drink water, sigh, stand up and do some qigong and then return to my investigation. I find when I lean in even for a few seconds, something is integrated and begins to change or morph into something else rather than running and having that memory, feeling or trigger chase me endlessly. This takes time and patience. Be kind to yourself and compassionate about what you feel and find.

If you would like some daily dose, kaizen practices please contact me. Or maybe you're looking for support with some practices you've already established. I'm here for that as well.

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