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Bud and the Stem

Updated: Nov 30, 2022


Sign of Resilience, Strength and Life

Mark Gerow

Have you ever slowed down enough to witness an example of death and rebirth or a life cycle in nature?

I was doing my 20 min Sit Spot meditation as part of my own Forest Bathing therapeutic session and I decided to come up close. I sometimes have a magnifying glass and other times the lens of my camera. I sit for a bit and allow time to slowly reveal the splendor and magic of the forest.

If you look at a tree up close, let’s say a Red Oak, you will see how the tree prepares for the long winter during the summer. While energy (sugars) and nutrients are plentiful, the tree transfers that energy into the making of a Summer bud. These buds form right at the end of the twig or directly next to the leaf stem, which will drop off in Fall. The bud remains there through Fall and Winter only to spring open a few short months later.

The embryonic bud contains all the parts of the tree in its new growth to include the leaves, flowers and twigs. Think of what the bud represents to the tree and we can imagine that within ourselves. The promise of renewed life and growth is in the bud. When you see the Winter bud, know that life awaits and is ready to burst when the time is right. These buds are resilient and can absorb the impact of a harsh winter and all its storms. Each bud has its own signature shape, contents of texture, and color.

If you are lucky enough to be out forest bathing in Fall or Winter, look for these miraculous signs of resilience, strength and the promise of life right there before you.

Photo taken 9/27/21 at Basin Pond

Look for the bud next to the leaf stem

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