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Now's the Time

Now is the time to observe how you are truly FEELING in your body, or look at the quality of breathing in certain situations like confined spaces, or leaving the house into the scary world. Many are not going outside for fear of the virus.

I am all for precaution for sure. And staying home for long periods of time is anxiety promoting for me. I've been getting groups together outside to walk the wild woods safely, giving ourselves space and time to slow down, drop in and de-stress. The woods are some of the safest places to be right now.

If there were a time that is optimum for using some of the tools you know, it is now. Every so often get up off the chair, grab a tennis ball and step on it with your feet, get grounded. Tap your body with hands up and down legs and arms. Literally shake it off, shake your body, get loose and jiggle. Like animals in the wild shaking off a traumatic event, you shake your body right there in your own home. No one is watching.

If you have nature near you head out into it for a few minutes. Science shows that you can disrupt ruminating and recycling negative thought patterns and neural pathways by activating one of these tools for just 2 minutes. Disrupt the old patterns that are not serving you right now:

- Place a Sandbag (8-10 lbs) on your belly for grounding and comforting

- Tennis ball under the feet, breathe into sensitive pressure points

- Tennis ball under a collar bone and press it against the wall, breathe into that space under the collar bone.

- Tap your body with your hands. This is especially great for boundary issues.

- 1:2 ratio breathing, making your exhales twice as long as inhales.

- Cold showers. Try 30 seconds at the end of a warm shower. Wonderful rejuvenation. Mood Boosting.

- 5 minute Nature Walk or sit in your back yard. Build up to 120 minutes/Week.

- Of course working out, martial arts, qigong, tai-qi all wonderful!!

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