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Is therapy one to one or group?

Most of my clients choose to do a series of individual sessions. Others prefer to join others. I’ve held weekend retreats for like-minded clients, corporate sessions and group work with veterans. I’ve even helped bridal parties who asked me to help with stress reduction on their big day.


Where are the sessions held?

Mostly they are in a private studio in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. Hikes and therapeutic walks in nature are outdoors in the beautiful Berkshires. Sessions can also be in your home, if you are more comfortable there.

I have traveled to clients for intensive coaching, as well, and I’m happy to conduct phone and online sessions.


How do I know if treatment is working?

Sometimes people see clear differences right away, like sleeping better or less anxiety. Or you may notice a rise in energy, a feeling of creativity or of being more hopeful. Cravings could become more manageable. When we find the daily regimen right for you—and when you practice it—you can find that your senses and your perspective shift. You notice details, like being able to have better relationships, a stabilizing mood and self-regulation.


How much is does it cost?

I have a suggested rate of $75-$100. But I am dedicated to making Daily Dose Wellness available for anyone who needs it. I have worked on a sliding scale for those who can’t afford that rate or who are facing hardships.  


Where else do you instruct or practice?

In addition to Daily Dose Wellness, I teach at Miraval on the Wellness Team and Outdoor Adventure Guide, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Yoga GB, Lenox Yoga, and Heaven Meets Earth in Chicago.


Can I ask questions before signing up for a session?

Yes, absolutely. Please contact me and I am happy to answer your questions.

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